“Not-enough-ness”: the heavyweight match of the century.

Of late, well actually, ever since I became acquainted with the work of Mockingbird, I have love the connection of the Christian faith with the realities of everyday life and how this particular ministry seeks to speak about such things in earthy, real, down-to-earth ways, perhaps even in bloody nose fashion.

This last week I really enjoyed reading an article posted: “Successful People Don’t Sleep”.  Check out the link for the article here.

And in case you’re too busy – we all are, aren’t we! and that’s OK, to paraphrase many contributors, I’m not about to burden you with extra little ‘l’ laws – check out this little snippet which relates the words of an author as she wrestles with the law of excellence and significance:

What if I all I want is a small, slow, simple life? What if I am most happy in the space of in between. Where calm lives. What if I am mediocre and choose to be at peace with that?…what if I just don’t have it in me. What if all the striving for excellence leaves me sad, worn out, depleted. Drained of joy. Am I simply not enough?

The article continues…

“Not-enough-ness” is mankind’s existential groaning for righteousness (I LOVE THIS – EXISTENTIAL GROANING FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS – LAW WRITTEN ON YOUR HEART!). The ever-present angst over a life that is less-than-fulfilling remains the plague that afflicts every generation. Krista continues:

What if I never really amount to anything when I grow up… What if I never build an orphanage in Africa but send bags of groceries to people here and there and support a couple of kids through sponsorship. What if I just offer the small gifts I have to the world and let that be enough… What if I embrace my limitations and stop railing against them. Make peace with who I am and what I need and honor your right to do the same. Accept that all I really want is a small, slow, simple life. A mediocre life. A beautiful, quiet, gentle life. I think it is enough.

Having first read ‘Ordinary‘ by Michael Horton, followed by two excellent books by Chad Bird, ‘Your God is Too Glorious‘ and ‘Upside Down Spirituality‘, contenting oneself with an ‘ordinary’ life that seeks to live a quiet and godly life – see Paul’s advice to Timothy – will not be easy and you may have to go ‘cold turkey’ especially in a ‘purpose-driven’ and activist saturated Christian sub-culture that is oftentimes obsessed with being busy and being drawn to the ‘extraordinary’ and fancy over the mundane, boring, rituals of life such as waking, tending your child and spouse, and then putting in a few hours at the office only to return again stressed from the days work to serve those nearest and dearest to us.

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